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☆☆starstar☆star☆starrrrr☆☆☆  ♡♡ ドラマチック
11 October 2010 @ 09:33 pm



⇒ means I post some public posts, but there are still friends-only entries. :3

⇒ FEEL FREE TO FRIEND ♥ ... but only if:
      ① You don't mind that my journal is basically made up of whining about school, graphics, and then fandom posts. ... Yes.
      ② You are not narrowminded or homophobic in anyway. :| I can't tolerate that, sorry.
      ③ You actually comment and say hi? Don't let me just sit there on your flist so it would look bigger. I mean--yes, I have gotten bad at the commenting business, what with school and all this other stuff and all, but I do try when I'm not preoccupied. D:
      ④ We at least have something in common, you know.
      ⑤ You seriously do want to be friends. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Yes.
      ⑥ Answer this survey!!! :D :D :DCollapse )
mood: bouncybouncy
♪: Nananine → love Buzz
☆☆starstar☆star☆starrrrr☆☆☆  ♡♡ ドラマチック
17 February 2008 @ 01:31 am
I got inspired while I was (and still am) at Tiffachu's house sooooo I'm moving to a new LJ :D

It'll be sad, moving away from this one. Lotsa memories in it D: But yeah...

Anyways. If you want, go add me bitchesss haha~