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BASICS: 15 ; female ; asian / pacific islander ; short ; sugar land, usa.

about: I'm generally nice and friendly, and I'm pretty energetic. I can get along with anyone (maybe...) and I'm proud to say I've never had any fights with any of my friends ♥ I'm obsessive and I fangirl. I'm also a lazy, procrastinating perfectionist. (Except not really. Definitely on the lazy part, though.) I hate it when people do short jokes on me because D:< but then I actually like my height, so...
If you want to know more, just get to know me. Although I barely get on AIM or MSN anymore, there's always LJ :D

e-mail: ichigo.kirakira@gmail.com
aim: suki suki beaamm
msn: will make a new one ♥

w-inds. ancafe koda kumi matsuura aya lm.c kat-tun
and more

other ♥: cute things, shiny things, LEAH DIZON(?!), karaoke, dramas, RYUICHI OGATA, pandas, green, cheese, make-up, orange juice, prettyboys, chocolate, super junior, super junior t, ss501, webgraphics, vk ♥, ayabie, fobby clothes, filipino / chinese food, etc. etc.

links: x x x x x x x

jrock_scans ; boys_paper ; 77words ; arisubox ; colorfilter ; damnicons ; ewanism ; sir ; dearest ; ianthinae ; iconistas ; ownthesunshine ; vsheartbreaker ; organicdesigns ; tragic_icons ; asya_17 ; tokyo ; stargazer ; material girl ; choco choco

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